IHCC's Iron Chef Competition open to the public

You may be familiar with the popular television show â??The Iron Chefâ??; well Indian Hills Community Collegeâ??s Culinary Arts Program is having their own Iron Chef Competition at their test kitchen Friday.

Five to seven high schools around southeast Iowa are invited each year to form up to two teams to compete in a high-pressure atmosphere. Judges will be there to carefully watch their every move.

IHCC Culinary Arts Director Chef Gordon Rader said many of his current students were once participants in the competition and they will be serving as ambassadors to the high school students this year.

â??I think it's a great way to see who has a talent who really wants to be here and so that way I can isolate those students that are going to -- that I can award money to so that they can come to the program,â?? said Chef Rader.

â??They have to feature three local products in their dish so Iâ??m going to be really looking for that because for me specifically Iâ??m really interested in seeing how people are going to use local foods,â?? said Joe Jacobs, Iron Chef judge.

There will be around 37 high school chefs competing in all.

The competition is open to the public. Chefs will begin cooking at the IHCC test kitchen starting at 9 a.m. and judging will begin after noon.