Improvements in the works for Highway Five

One of Missouriâ??s most traveled highways may undergo reconstruction in the near future.

For months, civic leaders and elected officials have been working to form the Highway Five Corridor Coalition. The mission is to advocate improvements along the highway from Chariton County to Putnam County.

With Highway Five being a key north/south route and a main source for providing agriculture supplies, it is said to be a significant underpinning of Missouriâ??s economy.

â??Highway Five corridor coalition was formed to advocate transportation infrastructure in Chariton, Linn, Sullivan and Putnam Counties from the Iowa line to the Missouri River,â?? said Danah Fowler, coalition member.

While the current infrastructure presents many challenges for traffic safety, the coalition advocates for resources to improve those challenges.

â??Highway Five is a major lifeline in North Missouri. It connects many major roads, but it is also highly agriculture and commodity transportation,â?? said Fowler.

â??From the Missouri River to the Iowa line, Highway Five is said to connect us all,â?? said Bradd Scott, Chairman of the Highway Five Corridor Coalition. Another board member says working to improve the infrastructure will improve the quality of life in the Missouri area for generations to come.

â??So it presents challenges because of the heavy traffic traveled on Highway Five that has to do with commodities and agriculture trades,â?? said Fowler.

Improvements like wider shoulders, rumble strips, signage and other infrastructure enhancements are needed throughout the corridor to improve safety, efficiency and economic vitality.