Improvements on Iowa Ave. in Ottumwa in near future

Iowa Ave. in Ottumwa may be seeing some improvements in the near future.

At the Ottumwa City Council meeting tomorrow will vote to approve the grant application for the RISE grant, standing for Revitalize Iowa Sound Economy.

The program contributes to a lot of public infrastructure projects like repairing streets and bridges in the state of Iowa.

The city of Ottumwa is applying for $792,000.

â??For a massive re-haul on the Iowa Ave -- we know that Iowa Ave. is a very diverse type of street. It runs through an industrial and commercial area and also through residential areas and the street itself is in need of some revitalization and reconstruction, especially to accommodate of the heavy truck traffic,â?? said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa Public Information Officer.

An estimated 180 trucks a day go to and from the Cargill Plant on Iowa Ave. that has proves some wear and tear to the road over the years.

Rogers said applying for the grant is a competitive process but he is hopeful the city will be awarded the money.

The rest of the money for the project will come from the cityâ??s Capital Improvements Program.