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      Improving emergency for 911 dispatch

      The Adair County 911 Board met to discuss on making emergency rules for the dispatch center.

      The response after last week's severe storms was the major topic at a Kirksville meeting Wednesday afternoon.

      The Adair County 911 Board met to discuss how well the city responded to help residents during and after the storm.

      The board has been working on making emergency rules for the dispatch center for a while now.

      Those in charge want to put all emergency responders on one frequency.

      911 dispatchers can get overwhelmed with the high call volume during an emergency situation. It makes it hard for them to copy everything that's being said coming from 9 to 10 different frequencies.

      Director Chris Killday told us this change would make all the difference.

      "It's easier to have everyone on on frequency and not talking over each other. They'll have to wait their turn and be much more brief and very short to dispatch...give us the very basics. That's all we need. We don't need details," Killday said.

      Killday says she in the process of finishing writing the rules.

      Next, each board member will review them before finalizing and signing off on them.