Inaugural David Lynch MA in Film class graduates

While Jim Carrey stole the show at Maharishi University of Management's Graduation this past Saturday, a first of its kind class were awarded their diplomas.

The inaugural David Lynch MA in Film class had a much successful journey up to this point.

"It was an amazing ride," said Program Administrator Eden West. "We had amazing people come and we had Jim Carrey call in. We met Peter Farrelly. This year the students have made some of the most amazingly beautiful work that I've ever seen come out of any school--up to par with some of the best schools in the nation in my opinion. It's absolutely awesome."

Fifteen students completed all of the program's requirements. Eleven different films of varying themes and lengths will be coming out of the program.

Students of the program ventured to Hollywood to meet with David Lynch at his studio for a question and answer session.

Marc Baraka was one of those graduates.

"I know when I did my project, the films that were able to express the dialogue the way I wanted really comes from the heart," said Baraka. "It comes from the heart. It comes from a deep experience. And so films that really tell a story about what it's like to be human and how to evolve and tell a story of the true hero or heroine's journeyh is the key to doing good film and of coursethe key to good literature."

Baraka's film is currently in post-production.

The program is expected to grow next year with more students, permanent faculty with movie-making experience, as well as more involvement with people from Hollywood.

"The future for the program is up, up, and away," said West. "And it's going to get crazy because this year was an awesome success, and we had so many interesting and qualified people come in to teach our students."