Include your dog in emergency planning for their best safety

In light of recent tragedies of the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes and with hurricane season underway, veterinarians want to remind you to include your pets in your emergency plans. It is estimated that over 250,000 pets were separated from their families after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast.

If you evacuate with your pet, be sure to have 2 weeks worth of food, water and medicine and the more forms of identification you have for them, the better chance you have of recovering your pet if you happen to be separated.

â??Having identification with them. Even if they lose their collar, if you have them micro chipped or even pictures is something that can all help get them back and with Facebook being so common now and days a lot of groups get set up. After Joplin tornadoes last year Facebook groups just for the animals. So it's also places you can check in your area if there is a disaster,â?? said Missy Decker, Adair County Humane Society Manager.

After the disaster, walk your pet on a leash to get them re-oriented to their home. Familiar scents and landmarks can be altered after a disaster and pets can easily become confused or lost.