Indian Hills celebrates Community College Month

Indian Hills celebrates National Community College Month

As part of National Community College month, Indian Hills hosted Guidance Counselor Day, where counselors from high schools across Iowa and Missouri could attend seminars and tour the campus.

The purpose of the day was to inform counselors about the educational and career opportunities available.

"There are dozens of guidance counselors that get to meet with professionals in the industry and our health occupations program and they're having lunch served by our culinary students," said Mark Thompson, Executive Director of Enrollment Services. "It's great to have them here."

"The big things that we bring back is the job opportunities that a community college offers like Indian Hills... the need for those jobs -- the things Indian Hills has to offer," said Brent Bondurant, counselor at Scotland County High School. "And it's just a great atmosphere up here for the counselors and the students alike."

Indian Hills' aviation program was highlighted and visitors could take part in a simulation flight while learning more about the program and job opportunities available in that field.

"There's going to be a shortage of pilots coming up and we're just trying to encourage... everyone to think about this for a career and I think that if they are aware that we have this here, then they can pass that on to their students," said Jane Berg, Chief Flight Instructor at IHCC.

The counselors also got a tour of Job Corps, where they could see the program's current students in action and pass along that option for an education and a career to their students.

"I think it's important for high school counselors to visit our center because one of our eligibility requirements is this is a program for students ages 16-24, so for a guidance counselor who is working with an individual student, trying to develop their plan, either what are they going to do currently or what they're going to do after they graduate from high school, to see it as a valuable option for their students," said Holly Frary, Director of Applications for Job Corps.

"Indian Hills is a great provider of getting students the skills they need to go out and get those jobs right here," said Ashlee Duimstra, of Knoxville High School.

Guidance Counselor Day is held every year.