Indian Hills Community College now ranked 75th in the country

Indian Hills Community College has been ranked as one of the top 75 community colleges in the county by the Aspen Institute. They determine their rankings by evaluating employment, learning, graduation, and access for minority and low income students. The college has been ranked in the top 150 for a few years, but this new ranking puts them in the top five percent of all community colleges in the United States. This new ranking also makes the college eligible for a one million dollar prize. The Aspen Institute will determine if Indian Hills is in the top ten, then will visit the campus, and will decide from there if it is the best community college in the country. Kevin Pink from Indian Hills Community College says the organization was happy to learn about their new ranking.

"I think we're elated. You know as a college it's kind of an affirmation of all of the hard work that everybody at Indian Hills Community College has put in not only in the last year but for a lot of years now so to be recognized like that I think is a big step for the college in general," said Pink.