Indian Hills Community College says Iowa students "CAN"

Indian Hills Community College

The Indian Hills Educational Opportunity Center is welcoming a program called ICAN to campus.

They are expecting the program to bring forth more opportunity for assisting college bound students with planning.

The ICAN program will be accessible to all Iowa students, free of charge. There are eight locations outside of college campuses providing Student Success Advisors. These advisors are hired to work directly with students and their families in finding college majors, choosing the college most beneficial for the student and gathering a financial plan. The goal of implementing this new program at Indian Hills is to provide local students with all the support possible and keeping them close to home.

â??We want to work with students in the entire educational life cycleâ?¦ from high school students... get them into a degree program here that makes sense for their career and hopefully what weâ??re able to do with our Rural Economic Advancement folks is to find them jobs that are in this area and that helps them stay in our area and it helps it move forward,â?? says Chris Bowser.

The Educational Opportunity Center is located in the library and the ICAN services will be provided in the Bennett Student Center.

For more information about these programs, contact Chris Bowser, Dean of Student Services at Indian Hills,