Indian Hills Community College students set to present plays

Students at Indian Hills Community will have a chance to show an audience their artistic visions as directors during Wednesday night's annual Student Directed Theatre Productions.

The event will consist of five student-directed plays that range from 10 to 30 minutes each.

Preparation for these plays takes about two months and begins during the winter term.

Students with a desire to direct hold auditions for those who wish to act in them.

Trey McIntosh will be debuting the third play he's written and the fourth play he's directed tonight called Off.

He embraces his role as director.

"Getting to work with a cast and especially, you know, whether you're directing your own play or not--it's the adaptation that you take from plays and the idea that you kind of get to do your own version of that play."

The Student Directed Theatre Productions will take place Wednesday in the St. John's Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

There is no cost of admission.