Indian Hills honors generous couple, names training center in their honor

A former firefighter and his wife were honored by Indian Hills Community College Saturday.

In October, Jim and Susan Boxx generously donated money to set up a scholarship fund; and because of that, the college recognized them for their tremendous gift.

"Our board had decided to take this action because of what the Boxxâ??s have done for the people and this is a tremendous gift; and it is literally going to help hundreds of people for a long time. It is self perpetuating, so it goes on forever,â?? said Dr. Jim Lindenmayer of Indian Hills Community College.

Jim, a former firefighter himself and his wife Susan, didnâ??t event expect something like this (to have a building named in their honor) to happen.

â??When Jim decided to do this many, many years ago, that is something that we never even considered that would happen. I mean, we just wanted to have a small part in helping kids being able to go to school,â?? said Susan Boxx.

â??I mean it is very special. It just shows their dedication. They are the type of individuals that they are. You know, they are so very caring and humble, and wanting to see other people advance and help the people in our county, and those providers that help other people,â?? said Lori Reeves with Indian Hills Community College.

For Jim himself, he is so happy to finally see a state of the art training facility in southeast Iowa after so many years of service.

â??I think it is great. I think that Indian Hills Community College has done a good job with providing the facilities to train out here for firefighters and law enforcement officers,â?? said Jim Boxx.

The scholarship will be available for students to start applying for in January of 2013.

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