Indian Hills hosts annual Foundation Scholarship Auction

Avid antique collector Bryan Veatch drove 30 miles from Pulaski all for the Indian Hills Foundation Scholarship auction.


"I'm just kind of a fanatic Veatch said. â??I have to go to an auction if they're having one."

Heâ??s been attending the event for 15 years in a row.

"Well I was brought up that way,â?? he said. â??My grandpa, he went to auctions every week, and it just got to be a habit, and then my parents did, and now I'm doing the same thing."

Bryan has a passion for finding rare and unusual items, and much of the inventory at the auction is difficult to find anywhere else.

"The donations for the auction come from, some from the college,â?? Executive Director of the Indian Hills Foundation Rhonda Conrad said. â??Things we are no longer able to use like our computers. Our labs are updated every 4 to 5 years, and then some of our office equipment. Then a lot of donations come from area businesses whether it's new items or items they're no longer able to use, gift certificates and our staff donate personal items as well to the auction, so there's a variety of things we have."

The Indian Hill Scholarship Coordinator Becky Henderson says this event alone generates over $20,000 each year.

"We have over 184 annual scholarships that are in our book and designated perpetual scholarships,â?? Henderson said, â??but we give over a million dollars a year usually to kids.â??

â??The most rewarding part is just seeing how people come together to raise the funds and then to see the good that it does for students who come to Indian Hills,â?? Conrad said.

Auction enthusiasts like Bryan can also appreciate their hobby is contributing to a good cause.

"I went to an auction last week,â?? he said. â??It was a fundraiser. Instead of bidding on it for what it's worth, it's, you know, remembering that it's a scholarship to better somebody."