Indian Hills hosts annual junior day

Hundreds of high school students converged on the Indian Hills campus for the school's annual Junior Day.

Parents, teachers, students and guidance counselors gathered in the Hellyer Center Thursday morning to kick off a day of campus tours and programs. This year's event attracted around 320 students from various states.

"They're coming from the great state of Iowa, they're also coming from Missouri, we have parents here today, we have guidance counselors coming, there's probably a dozen buses out there and most of these students that are coming here are juniors getting a head start on where they can go, what they can do in terms of college and in terms of career," said Mark Thompson, Executive Director of Enrollment Services.

Representatives from the advanced technology, health occupations and athletic training departments spoke with students interested in those careers.

"It gives them a sense of what a college campus is like... a lot of these students are from southeast Iowa and this is a place for them to start their careers, start college.... begin their careers and be a professional," said Thompson.

The students were also able to tour campus and eat a meal in the cafeteria, using all five senses to explore the school.