Indian Hills offers your most relaxing volunteer opportunity ever

Looking for a way to help students achieve their educational goals? It's as easy as lying down and taking deep breaths.

The students in Indian Hills' Massage Therapy program are looking for volunteers for the students to practice on for clinical experience. Each student needs 200 hours of full body massage in order to graduate in August and anyone is welcome to schedule an appointment.

"It gives the students a real good chance to interact with that client and to learn how to do the client intake forms and to really find out what the problems are that the people are having and help fix that," said Wade Schelker, Instructor in the Massage Therapy Program. "Possibly, sometimes we can't always fix everything, we have to refer on to a physician, so it really does help them to learn that process."

The opportunity is a win-win, with clients able to enjoy a massage and students able to gain hands-on experience in their chosen career.

"I like working with the clients, I love the patient interaction," said student Cassy Denhartog. "I really love when people can come in with a problem and I can help that or even fix that. I really quite enjoy that part of it."

It is a small group of students in the program, but Schelker said they work hard and have great aspirations.

"I would possibly like to start my own business in Centerville," said student Abigail Bates.

Massages are $20 an hour, a very low rate, and if it's your first time to the Oasis, massages are $10 for your first appointment.

The Oasis is located in the Rosenman building next to the Rural Health Occupations Center on the Indian Hills campus. IT is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and until 4:15 p.m. on Friday. To make an appointment, call 641-683-5746.