Indian Hills president addresses retention rates

A study released Wednesday shows fewer students return for a second year at Iowaâ??s community colleges.

Iowa's retention rate is 49.9 percent, meaning just half of students are returning. This is 3 percent below the national average. This data is from 2010, and comes from the â??Annual State Reports 2011-2012â?? released by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact in January of this year.

Indian Hills Community College President Dr. Jim Lindenmayer says Indian Hills is an exception to this statistic, although retention is something they are constantly working to maintain and improve. He says Indian Hills has been recognized by the Aspen Education Foundation as being in the top 10 percent in finishing their students.

â??About a year ago, our board of trustees allocated a pretty good some of money--$250,000 to use as scholarship money for students who are involved in activities, the more likely to be retained,â?? Lindenmayer, Ph.D. said.

Lindenmayer says students involved in extracurricular activities are retained at about 80 percent, which is nearly 20 percent higher than retention of the school's normal student population.