Indian Hills programming students design app in hands-on competition

Ten teams of Indian Hills programming students design apps for the first-ever Byte Jam competition.

Around 70 Indian Hills programming students are putting their skills to the test this week.

The first-ever Byte Jam competition grouped the students into ten teams and going in with little to no coding experience, each team is responsible for creating an app that promotes Indian Hills Community College and could be used for recruiting.

The designing phase began Monday, continues Tuesday and Wednesday and then each team will present its final product on Thursday.

The event is designed to promote teamwork, give students a taste of what they will experience in the working world and teach them new skills.

"I know me, personally, I've learned a lot just about styling websites and everything like that and just hard coding and information that you need," said Mike Humphrey. "So I've learned quite a bit from this project."

Teammate Logan Thorne said it was cool to see what each team is able to create when going in with little experience.

"I worked on a little table just to put in the program that I've never worked on anything like that and I picked up on it pretty quick," Thorne said.

At the end of the presentations Thursday, the top two teams will win a prize.

The student and faculty organizers of Byte Jam said they hope they can follow-up the event with some visits to area high schools, and show potential students what the Byte Jam participants learned and created in just a three-day span.

The participants are posting live updates from their Twitter account, which you can follow by clicking here.