Indian Hills receives dual enrollment accreditation

Indian Hills Community College received word last week that its dual enrollment programs have received national accreditation from the NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships).

These programs allow high school students to take college classes that will count for both college and high school credit.

The accreditation process took a total of two years to complete in which a self-study had to be conducted by the college.

â??Through that self-study it helped us to see where we had some gaps and where we needed to improve, and itâ??s continuous improvement of course. And by that I mean we want to make sure we're offering some of the best, the best things we can offer out there and supporting the teachers, supporting the students and making sure that we have all of the pieces in place,â?? said Karen Swanson, IHCC High School Programs Director.

Indian Hills is just one of 83 colleges from across the United States that is accredited.

â??This accreditation through NACEP also lets our legislators and the public know that yes those courses are of the same rigor and are college level even when theyâ??re within their own high school walls,â?? said Swanson.

It should also be noted that the dual enrollment program is free of cost.