Indian Hills receives grant to help with student retention

Indian Hills Community College is one of 56 colleges across the country to receive a grant from the Great Lakes Education Guaranty Corporation.

Indian Hills received $124,246 to focus on student retention. Specifically, the funding will help with identifying struggling students and connecting them to the right resources to help them succeed.

In order to apply for the one-year grant, the school must already have a mentoring or counseling program in place.

For Indian Hills, that means the funding allowed them to hire two specialists -- one for behavior health and one for academics.

"Just to make them aware of the resources that are already here and have an individual that can focus directly on those kind of students that meet the criteria of the grant," said Jennifer Sabourin, Indian Hills Director of Student Services.

IHHC's Student Services department will also be able to purchase training aids for faculty and staff.

That training will teach them how to pinpoint the students who may need assistance beyond academics.