Investigators retrieve stolen items under bridge, juveniles face charges

Wapello County Sheriff

Two 17-year-old males are facing third-degree burglary charges after stolen property was retrieved beneath a bridge in rural Wapello County. Another juvenile male is being charged as an accessory after the fact.

Monday afternoon, with the assistance of the Ottumwa Fire Department, deputies with the Wapello County Sheriff's Department recovered some items that were reported stolen and were frozen beneath ice under the Cliffland Bridge. The items were initially reported stolen on Dec. 25 by a homeowner who noticed her residence had been burglarized upon returning home. The sheriff's department initiated an investigation after obtaining a search warrant.

â??We asked for the Ottumwa Fire Department's personnel to assist us,â?? Wapello County Sheriff Mark Miller said. â??They went out there in their cold weather gear and went out on the ice. We called the fire department because they have the equipment to go out on the ice safely, and they were able to chip in and retrieve some of the homeowner's stolen property.â??

He says the matter remains under investigation.