Iowa and Missouri join forces

Missouri and Iowa's HWY 63 Coalitions came together on Tuesday morning at Iowa-Mo. state line

Tuesday morning the Highway 63 Transportation Corporation out of Kirksville, MO and the Highway 63 South Coalition out of Davis County met with the Department of Transportation engineers from Iowa and Missouri at the Iowa-Mo. state line on US 63.

â??It's a good feeling to know that weâ??re both communicating the same story and that our dream is to build it and they will come,â?? said Joy Evans, Highway 63 South Coalition Chairman.

Both of the coalitions came together for a couple of photo opportunities at the Iowa-Mo. â??welcomeâ?? signs to communicate to people that both states are working together.

â??Itâ??s good for Missouri to understand that we are designing and coordinating that together and itâ??s good for the coalitions to understand that opportunity as we move ahead,â?? said Jim Armstrong, IDOTâ??s District 5 Engineer.

Even though the Highway 63 expansion was not included in the IDOTâ??s 5-year plan, the head of Highway 63 South Coalition Joy Evans said the coalition will not give up.

â??We just want people to know that weâ??re still working on the project, even though thereâ??s been some deadheading along the way. Weâ??re not going to stop and we want people to support us,â?? said Evans.

One of the main issues for both coalitions is funding.

â??At this point in Missouri, thereâ??s no funding to expand 63 N to the Iowa line but we need to continue the planning process to be ready when funding becomes available,â?? said Kevin James MODOTâ??s NE District Assistant Engineer.

The Highway 63 Transportation Corporation meets quarterly and next they will be going to a blue ribbon panel in July.

â??We will present the pictures we've taken today and it'll be people from Iowa as well as from Missouri representing the corridor so we're excited about it,â?? said Harriet Beard, Highway 63 Transportation Corporation Chairman.

Both coalitions said they will continue to support each other as the planning process moves along.