Iowa Bandmasters Association to honor Joel Pedersen as superintendent of the year

The superintendent of Cardinal Schools will soon be the recipient of a prestigious award.

The school's band director, Luke Miller, nominated Joel Pedersen as the Iowa Bandmasters Association's superintendent of the year. Miller says Pedersen does whatever he can to provide for the material needs of the school's band program, as well as seeing the band develop a culture of family and excellence. Together, they're now focused on continued growth and success.

"I know how hard the band works to prepare for marching band season and concerts, and it's good for kids, and so I want to support that any way I can," Pedersen said.

"He's just been for all three years that I've been here, Mr. Pedersen has supported our program in what I consider to be a very outstanding way, and it's been my desire for a while to nominate him for this award," Miller said.

Next, Pederson and Miller will attend the Iowa Bandmaster Associationâ??s award ceremony in Des Moines this May. There, Pedersen will be honored as the group's superintendent of the year.