Iowa Board of Pharmacy recommends medical marijuana

Medical marijuana took a big step closer towards legalization in Iowa.

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy unanimously voted in support of recommending to legislators to reclassify the drug for medical purposes.

A big concern facing Iowans is controlling the drug.

Wapello County Public Health Director Lynelle Diers said she has mixed opinions because she fears the youth will abuse it.

It's concerning to me. I truly do understand why people want it legalized and it's very helpful for people with certain chronic conditions, said Diers.

Diers said doctors would maintain the final say in the prescription.

"What my concern would be once it is legalized is that it will be in certain people's homes and it will be more readily accessible to young people that are already abusing drugs," Diers said.

While the board approved it Wednesday, it's highly unlikely to be looked at until next session.