Iowa democratic gubernatorial candidates reach out to organized labor unions

Southern Iowa Labor Council, AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic.

Labor Day festivities were in full swing again Sunday at the Jimmy Jones Shelter with a picnic hosted by the Southern Iowa Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Tyler Olson and State Senator Jack Hatch both spoke to attendees. The two gentlemen are the top candidates vying for the democratic nomination for governor. Senator Hatch plans to formally announce his bid for governor in a couple weeks, but he says his visit Ottumwa was primarily to recognize what organized labor has done for our country.

â??They're the ones that pushed for a 40-hour workweek, ended child labor abuses, and really worked for pay equity for women and for the work done and a good partnerships with management of the companies, and so I'm here to support labor and to support the families that are a part of the labor family, and that as governor, I plan to just keep on working for them,â?? Senator Hatch said.

Senator Hatch will be making his formal announcement regarding his gubernatorial campaign Sept. 17th in Des Moines.