Iowa DNR talks animal carcass dumping

In the wake of the discovery of raccoon carcasses found in the Des Moines River, we spoke to the DNR Tuesday afternoon about laws and regulations concerning the subject.

The dumping of animal carcasses is regulated like any other solid waste material--it's basically considered improper disposal or littering.

It is not always the byproduct of poaching. The crime is only a simple misdemeanor.

The DNR does not often see these violations, but when they do it tarnishes the image of outdoor sporting.

"It just leaves a bad image for our sport," said Iowa DNR Communications Bureau Chief Kevin Baskins. "When that kind of stuff happens people see that, you know, it's not something you want to see. It's not something you want to smell. And so I think outdoors people need to be more conscious of the image that they portray when they do things like this."

River and creek type areas are popular dumping spots for these carcasses as well as anywhere that's secluded.

If anyone has information on the Des Moines River dumping incident, contact the DNR's turn in poachers tip line.

That number is 1-800-532-2020.