Iowa Education Reform bill signed into law

Governor Terry Branstad officially signed Iowa's education reform bill into law Monday.

The bill was passed by the legislature late in the session and key components include giving leadership roles to the state's best and most experienced teachers, raising the starting salary for teachers and a new process for student assessments.

The governor made the education bill a priority during the 2013 legislative session and State Representatives Curt Hanson and Mary Gaskill told KTVO they are glad the two parties were able to come together for a compromise on such an important issue.

However, the real impact of the changes will be felt locally in the school districts.

"I'm really glad that the funding came through, that'll be very important to education and moving forward," said Dr. Davis Eidahl, Superintendent of the Ottumwa Community School District. "And also that they are going to do it right when it comes to looking at teacher evaluations and teacher compensation and not putting that into place immediately in year one, but look at that and even pilot maybe in some districts how that might work so that, again, we do it right the first time."

Eidahl said the Ottumwa School District has already begun making some changes in anticipation of these reforms, so having the bill signed into law confirms all the right moves the district has been making.

Many of the law's changes will go into effect July 1.