Iowa Governor Branstad campaigns in Ottumwa

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Republican candidate for Iowa 2nd Congressional District John Archer made several stops Monday to make sure people get out and vote.

Earlier on Monday, they stopped at the Ottumwa Republican Offices and spoke to a crowd of numerous Romney supporters reiterating that Gov. Romney has what it takes to turn the country around.

â??He knows how to reach across party lines and bring people together and accomplish things that will grow the economy and bring us private sectors just so we have an important election tomorrow. I want to do all we can to get out a good vote,â?? said Gov. Branstad.

â??This election is going to be really close and our teamâ??s working very, very hard. We've got the governor campaigning with us today; we've got the chairman of the Republican Party for us today. We're just very, very excited and the enthusiasm and the momentum is clearly on our side,â?? said Archer.

Candidates said they will be campaigning up to the very last minute Tuesday night.