Iowa in stable economic position to begin 2014 legislative session

January 13 begins the 2014 legislative session at the capitol in Des Moines and State Representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield said Iowa is in a better financial position than it ever has before, and is in a better spot currently than most other states.

Unemployment is down, the economy is faring well and about one-sixth of the state's budget is in cash reserve. When the lawmakers don't have to spend time sorting out the money, they can concentrate on the issues that matter to Iowans.

"We can take a close look at what our citizens really want and need and look at those things and analyze them and come up with some of the basics I think that we'll be dealing with, which will be infrastructure and education and probably, we'll be dealing with the mental health reform that many of the county supervisors would like to see us tweak," Hanson said.

The House and the Senate passed several bills at the end of last session that may need some fine-tuning, but Hanson said they've been in place for so little time that it will be difficult to make any big changes.

Hanson also said he wasn't sure if the controversial and political Voter ID Bill will be looked at this season, as that is a measure that will require a lot of discussion to make sure it is the right things for Iowans.