Iowa law enforcement participates in 'Click It or Ticket' campaign

The state of Iowa is participating in a national "Click It or Ticket" campaign.

Local law enforcement is out in force this week making sure everyone is buckled up. The Wapello County Sheriff's Office conducts surveys to see how many drivers are wearing their seatbelts. Chief Deputy Don Phillips says in the last few surveys, 90 percent of drivers were wearing their seatbelts, but he says now is still a good time to remind motorists to buckle up or risk receiving a ticket, or worse...

"Most families are traveling in the summertime, and this is the beginning of our summer with the Memorial Day Holiday," Phillips said. "People travel a lot in the summer, so you have more traffic, and so it's a good time to just make people aware to wear their seatbelts."

In Iowa, a citation for not wearing a seatbelt will cost you $127.50. The Iowa Department of Public Safety advises that it only takes two seconds to buckle up, and doing so increases your odds of surviving a crash by nearly 50 percent.