Iowa lawmaker re-elected to Statehouse, but representing a new district

Tuesday night, Iowa voters chose to re-elect State Representative Curt Hanson to the Statehouse, but he will be representing a new district this session.

Hanson was almost forced to go up against fellow Democratic incumbent Curt Swaim after Iowa's 2011 redistricting put them in the same district. Swaim decided to retire, however, and Hanson won both the primary bid and re-election. He will now be representing Iowa House District 82. He formerly represented District 90.

Hanson said he hopes bi-partisan support in the new legislature will help move forward the legislation that was not passed last session, as there are many issues that need attention.

"I think the primary focus should be education and property tax reform, commercial tax reform," Hanson said. "Education is so important in this globalization, as other countries improve their education, we cannot falter on that. Otherwise, our industry and our research and development will fall behind and our country will fall behind, so it's really a national defense issue that we improve our education, not just for the brightest children, but all of the children."

Hanson said the redistricting will likely continue to be a learning process, and he will work to continue developing relationships and learn the needs of the constituents in his new district.