Iowa Legislative Session wraps up

The Iowa Legislative Session wrapped up just last week and one state representative is calling it a historic session and the perfect trifecta.

Democrat St. Rep. Curt Hanson of Fairfield said the trifecta included property tax reform, mental health expansion and education reform.

Property tax reform will offer more tax credits for lower income people.

Through Medicaid expansion, 150,000 people will be able to be insured under a plan that is similar to what state employees have.

As far as education reform, there is going to be a different method for evaluating teachers. School districts will not have a choice.

The traditional way of advancing teachers has been through education and years of experience.

â??That could be changed under the options and that could be teacher leadership, evaluation by other teachers, by administrators, by students -- all of those things are good steps in our program. Plus, I think we can make move more toward a competency education where students are ranked by their competency rather than by their age group,â?? said St. Rep. Hanson.

Hanson said he is very pleased by the compromise both the republican and democrat parties came to.