Iowa man dies in 19 car pile up

Authorities have released the names of two other people who died in a 19-vehicle pileup on Interstate 10 north of Picacho Peak during a dust storm.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials say the other victims were Lenny Lubers, 46, of Phoenix and David D. Bechtel, 51, of Milton, Iowa.

They announced hours after Tuesday's noon crash that Gordon Lee Smith, 76, of Mead, Wash., had died in the chain-reaction crash that also injured 12 other people

DPS says the injuries ranged from minor to life-threatening and Smith's wife was among the injured.

They say 11 of the 19 vehicles involved were large commercial vehicles.

Investigators say a stream of thick, blowing dust crossing I-10 led to the crash after visibility for motorists was reduced to zero.

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