Iowa panel OKs texting-while-driving legislation

Iowa lawmakers advanced a bill that would further crack down on texting while driving. The Senate Transportation Committee approved the measure Thursday on an 11-1 vote, with Republican Sen. Jerry Behn, of Boone, voting against it. The bill is now up for debate on the Senate floor. Current law prohibits texting while driving, but police can only enforce the law when pulling a driver over for a different violation. Under the bill, officers could stop a person suspected of texting while driving, regardless of whether there is another infraction. Democratic Sen. Tod Bowman, who sponsors the bill, says he is looking to make Iowa roadways safer with the bill. But Behn says he was hoping for legislation dealing with distracted driving as a whole.Previous stories....Iowa lawmakers want to further crack down on texting while drivingIowa panel OKs stricter texting while driving billNew study confirms texting, dialing while driving raises crash risk