Iowa residents raise concern about CWD

Itâ??s the first formal public meeting since chronic wasting disease was found in Iowa, and residents were not too pleased about it.

Hundreds of residents attended Tuesday nightâ??s meeting in Ottumwa, and many questioned why this was the first meeting on the topic.

They were told because the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and lawmakers had to go over several things first.

CWD was discovered in captive deer in pens in three counties: Davis County, Cerro Gordo County and Pottawattamie County.

It appears all three cases are a result of deer being transferred from a breeding pen owned by Tom Brakke in Cerro Gordo County.

The Department of Agriculture has quarantined several other pens around Iowa that have deer from Brakke's facility.

Iowa State Representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield said this was an important meeting.

â??(The) responsibilities between the breeding pens and the preserves are divided,â?? Hanson said. â??So, we need to have some openness and discussion about what's happening and (the) purpose of this meeting is to find out what's really being done, what can be done, what we need to plan for and if there needs to be different legislation enacted.

When one resident asked if Iowa needs new legislation, one official said "yes."

Iowaâ??s first case of CWD was found July 16, 2012.

Officials said that, as of Tuesday, there is a 3 wire electric fence around the deer that are being quarantined so they don't spread the disease to wild deer.

Officials also said all the deer will die at the pen by the end of January 2013.