Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend jams out at Ottumwa Public Library

Layton Zbornik is in the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and shared his passion for music at the Ottumwa Public Library on Tuesday

Layton Zbornik from the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame brought rock and roll from the 50â??s, 60â??s and 70â??s back to life on Tuesday at the Ottumwa Public Library.

Zbornik travels all around Iowa bringing his love for rock and roll and light-hearted humor to audiences.

And for him, sharing memories is what he likes best.

â??The memories I think because it, for people in my age group, our music back then was so important. We remember everything about it. You guys today move so fast you forget, and we hang in there so I think sharing memories and music with everybody,â?? said Zbornik.

The presentation was presented by Iowa Humanities.

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