Iowa Senate approves texting while driving bill

Lawmakers in the Iowa Senate want to crack down on texting while driving, but some legislators worry the bill doesn't do enough to address the larger issue of distracted driving. The measure was strongly challenged during debate Tuesday, but it easily cleared the Senate in a 41-7 vote. It now goes to the House. Texting while driving is now prohibited, but it is only enforced if a driver is pulled over for a different violation. Under the bill, officers could pull drivers over specifically for this offense. Sen. Brad Zaun, a Republican from Urbandale, says Iowans should use "common sense" when driving. But Democratic Sen. Tod Bowman, who sponsored the bill, says sometimes common sense isn't enough, and further restrictions are crucial for safety on Iowa roads.Previous stories... Heartland students learn how to be safe behind the wheel Iowa panel OKs texting-while-driving legislation Iowa lawmakers want to further crack down on texting while driving