Iowa State Senate Candidate Steve Siegel working diligently on campaign

You can vote at your local courthouse.

With a primary election just around the corner, Iowa State Senate Candidate Steve Siegel is working diligently on his campaign.

If elected, Siegel would serve District 41. Right now, he's going door-to-door encouraging people in the community to vote early. The primary election is set for June 3. Siegel says running for a state office is something he's always wanted to do. Mental health reform, education, water quality and raising the minimum wage are his top concerns.

"I've got the experience at the local level," Siegel said. "I've been elected five times, so from a party perspective; Iâ??m a proven vote getter and proven winner. I think I'm at the age and experience level, that I know what's going on, spent a lot of time lobbying at the legislature. They're gonna have the right issues, and I can get things done. As a supervisor that's kind of been my hallmark, getting things done and that's what I want to do at the legislature as well."

Tune into KTVO news Tuesday evening to hear from Tom Rubel, Siegel's opponent in the democratic primary.