Iowa Wesleyan College honors Lincoln with recitation on 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

On the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, Iowa Wesleyan College payed homage to the speech with a recitation of their own--one that will forever be archived.

The college performed the recitation for acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns's new website. Groups of students clad in purple fittingly gathered at the Harlan-Lincoln house on the school's campus joining faculty and staff to perform the historic exercise.

The group recited the speech three separate times with a passionate flair that would make Lincoln himself proud.

Iowa Wesleyan Assistant Professor of Nursing Lori Vick helped put the event together. She was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic turnout by the student body and said that this would be a day they would remember for many days to come.

"We had a great student showing, and students were very interested," said Vick. "You saw how well they cooperated. They were happy to be here. I think it was a great experience for them and it's a memory they've made now."

Iowa Wesleyan's recitation of Lincoln's speech will be uploaded to Burns's website,, joining other famous recitations on the website from people such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Steven Colbert.

Todd Brereton, history professor at Iowa Wesleyan College, said the group did a stellar job and helped put Iowa Wesleyan on the map.

"It was a great event for everyone to get together and to participate in this as a group," said Brereton. "And to help put the name of Iowa Wesleyan College out there to the public."