Iowa Wesleyan College students show off service learning projects

Iowa Wesleyan College students who participated in service learning projects

At Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant on Thursday, more than 120 students displayed their service learning projects at the Service Fair.

All of the students present at the fair were enrolled in service learning classes which encompass helping those in their community.

Students participated in a variety of projects including putting on the Harlan Elementary Carnival and the Movember Foundation.

â??We just really wanted to let everyone know about the health issues of men and we just really wanted to bring it around the IWC campus and bring everyone a part of it. We had a lot of fun wearing the mustaches. Love them or hate them, whether you think theyâ??re good or bad looking, the fact of the matter is we were a billboard and we just loved the fact we were all able to be part of a good cause and it meant a lot to us,â?? said Justin Hunnicutt, student.

There were around 30 guys that took part in the Movember Foundation Project.

They raised around $250 which they said it good considering sometimes itâ??s hard to raise money on college campuses.