Iowans feeling the effect of the flu

It seems the flu has gotten an early start this year across the country, especially in the southern-most states. And people in Iowa are feeling the flu symptoms too.

Because the weather has been warmer than usual for this time of the year, more people have been out and about going to the movies and coming in contact with other people.

Doctors have said that this could be the reason that the number of flu cases is high for this time of the year.

â??In fact, yesterday was a very remarkable day. We saw over 75 patients, a majority of them were for upper respiratory tract infections of which those seemed a predominant number were very likely flu -- several were confirmed -- but after a while, you just start treating them for influenza if they meet the criteria,â?? said Dr. Jefrey Stard, Ottumwa Regional Walk-In Clinic.

Dr. Stard said to cover your cough and sneezes and frequently wash your hands during the day.

He said itâ??s not too late to get your flu shot. It will take up to two weeks for the shot to become effective.