Iowans shouldn't be alarmed to hear sirens on Wednesday

Residents in cities across Iowa should not be alarmed if they hear sirens going off Wednesday around 10 a.m.

Many communities will be participating in the statewide test of their outdoor warning system. This is the first time Ottumwa will be participating in the statewide drill, as they usually test their sirens the first Monday of every month.

"It will be the exact same thing they hear on the first Monday of every month and these are outdoor warning systems, we've had people outside their house call and say I can't hear the system, so we're wanting people to get out and make sure they can hear the system," said Chief Tony Miller of the Ottumwa Fire Department. "If you do not hear it, you're outside, give us a call and that tells us we have a situation we need to get taken care of. That's the purpose of the monthly meeting check, to make sure, because if we have a siren not working, we go and do maintenance on it, make sure it's up and running, especially this time of year."

As Iowa heads into tornado season, Chief Miller suggested that everyone have a weather radio to keep you informed while you're indoors during severe weather.

Again, the sirens will be tested in Ottumwa at or around 10 a.m. Wednesday, and they are just a drill.

If you have a problem hearing the sirens while outdoors, call the fire department at 683-0666.