Iowa's Check off child abuse

Have you noticed the â??Child Abuse Preventionâ?? check off on the Iowa Tax Form? By checking it off, you can donate $1 or more that will go towards helping abused and neglected children of Iowa.

However, because of yearsâ?? past donations being low, there is discussion about it being removed off the tax form. Therefore, this yearâ??s donation amount is vital to keeping the â??Child Abuse Preventionâ?? check off.

â??We are not only helping the child, which hare innocent victims of a sometimes over-burden system and lifestyle, we also have the opportunity to help our community change and grow,â?? says CASAâ??S (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Aprile Goodman.

She says that abuse is a vicious cycle starting with abused children growing up to be abusers. Itâ??s important to reach these children at an early age so this cycle can be stopped.

With a struggling economy comes the rise of abused children.

â??It is an opportunity for us to step up to the bat and really help during a period of time when kids need this help even more. Itâ??s even more important because there's never enough funds,â?? says Goodman.

The children are our future. If every Iowan donated just $1, it would make the world of a difference.