iPads coming to Kirksville classrooms

Students who attend Ray Miller Elementary in Kirksville may like this news.

On Wednesday night, the Kirksville R-3 Board of Education approved the purchase of 50 iPads for the school.

The school purchased the iPads with Title 1 funds.

Assistant Superintendent Jane Schaper said the iPads would be used for the reading program and assessments.

â??(The iPads) will be very helpful, because students will not have to leave the room to go to the library or the computer lab to do the assessment,â?? Schaper said. â??They can take it in the classroom on the iPad.â??

She said the iPads can be used by all teachers and all students because itâ??s a school-wide program.

The board also approved a filter replacement bid. The district had been cleaning and changing the filters once or twice a year, but now they have been advised to do it quarterly. The board approved the bid to have the cleaning and replacement done by Peters Heating and Air Conditioning.

Superintendent Patrick Williams also spoke about having the roof done over several areas of the high school. He said at the next meeting he would have a budget for the roofing assessment.