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      Iraq veteran trains to become service officer

      For ROTC cadet Joseph Meddaugh it was something he always wanted.

      Not only because he was born and raised in a military family, but he was looking for more.

      "When I graduated high school I wasn't really ready for college, I wasn't ready for life at all," Meddaugh said.

      Meddaugh is now training to be an officer with Truman State University's ROTC program, after being enlisted right out of highschool.

      "It was something I wanted. I saw my dad in that uniform it was something that I wanted, I'm glad I chose this life."

      A life-- that he now embraces...

      His job holds a position of authority making sure team leaders complete the mission. Meddaugh tells us he faces hard times.

      "I was enlisted for 3 1/2 years that was easy because everything was planned out for me, everything was controlled. Coming here learning how to be an officer you're the one planning everything, you have to kind of figure it out yourself."

      Although he endures hard times, Meddaugh says the comraderie makes it well worth it. He says the amount of discipline and regulation has taught him so much.

      He says he joined the military and it has disciplined him really well.

      "Coming here to this program helped me out a lot. I live being a part of this program because of the comraderie and the things that we do."

      Thursday, the cadets didn't actually go out and execute their mission because of the cold weather. The training exercises are for an assessment course with all other cadets in the nation.