Is TSU prepared for bomb threats?

Truman State University Department of Public Safety

Universities across the country are on high alert because of a series of bomb threats; the latest one was Monday at LSU.

Truman State University law enforcement is taking notice of the bomb threats nationally and said it has a plan in action to make sure students here are safe.

â??First we want to make sure something is credible, we don't want to cause any undue panic,â?? Tom Johnson University Police Director said. â??Basically (it) just depends on the situation how we would go about doing what we do.â??

Johnson said one procedure that is put in place is the text emergency notification.

He said students have to opt into it and last year about 75 percent of them did.

ur officers are all trained,â?? Johnson said. â??And, we also work closely with our departments here on campus. But, we also put out information to our faculty, staff and students about what to do in cases of emergencies. Not just a bomb threat, but any kind of emergency we might have.â??