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      Is your home covered in the event of a storm? Don't be so sure

      Preparing for severe storms can be the key to saving money, time and protecting your family.

      Many people insure their homes for the value of the structure itself, and not the cost of replacing everything inside. Having homeowners and/or renter's insurance is critical for any type of catastrophe.

      Larry Byars, an insurance agent with Whitney Harrison insurance tells us many policies cover fire, wind, theft, tornado hails and many other weather-related disasters.

      Having homeowner's insurance is critical because the Heartland is no stranger to the path of severe weather.

      "Some policies, you'll just have to check with your agent, are settled on what's called an actual cash value basis, meaning the insurance policy company can depreciate the value of your item if it's got some age on it," said Byars.

      Byars tell us most homeowners insurance policies cover wind, tornadoes, storms, hail or any other weather related disasters, except a flood or earthquake. He says flooding insurance has always been a separate policy because it's a little more unpredictable.

      "The only real distinction that you have to be careful with in homeowners or renters insurance when it comes to storms, wind, hail, tornadoes, is that some policies, are what we call a replacement cost form," Byars said.

      Meaning once the item is destroyed or lost, it will be replaced with a new one of like kind.

      Byars tell us it's key to ask your agent if you have a replacement cost.

      "We recommend that you take an inventory of some type of your personal belongings of your home or apartment," Byars said. Reason being is because if you have a total loss, it's tough to remember exactly what you had and it will also serve as proof of loss for an adjustor.

      On any given day, strong storms can rip right through your neighborhood, causing substantial damage leaving your home and the valuables inside destroyed, that's is why it is essential to talk with your insurance agent to see exactly what your insurance covers.