Items you should keep in your vehicle during winter months

Itâ??s been a warmer and dryer than normal winter thus far. So for Fridayâ??s â??Facebook Story of the Dayâ??, the majority of KTVO viewers wanted to know that when the nasty weather does arrive, what emergency supplies are they recommended to have in their vehicles.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the keys to safe winter driving are to always plan ahead and be patient.

As for the items someone should have in their vehicles, the highway patrol recommends warm clothes like coats, pants, gloves, hats and even an extra blanket. Not only that, people should also have an ice scraper, shovel and a flashlight

An interesting item the highway patrol recommend people to carry in their vehicle is an abrasive material like kitty litter or sand.

â??In the event that you do get stuck, you might be able to use that abrasive material to help you gain traction so that youâ??re able to move down the road,â?? said Sgt. Brent Bernhardt.

So what should you do if you find yourself stranded?

â??Well we want to let people know that if they are involved in a situation on the road, itâ??s always best, if they can, to get their vehicle well off the roadway,â?? said Sgt. Bernhardt. â??If you are in an emergency situation, utilize your emergency flashers on your vehicle. We do also ask that you try to stay, unless itâ??s in a dangerous situation, we do ask that you stay with your vehicle so we can locate you very quickly.â??

Sgt. Bernhardt also recommends to carry florescent reflective triangles, that way an oncoming car knows ahead of time they are approaching your disabled vehicle on the side of the road.