It's a guilty verdict!

Larry Wayne Steen

A Davis County jury has rendered a verdict of guilty in the murder trial of Larry Steen.

After nearly a day and half of deliberation, the jury found Steen guilty of second degree murder in the September 2010 shooting death of Randy Saner.

The prosecution had asked the jury to return a conviction on the charge of first degree murder.

To be convicted of first degree murder the state must prove that the defendant acted in a premeditated manner.

Jurors obviously did not believe that the prosecution had proven premeditation existed beyond a reasonable doubt.

The conviction on the lesser charge means that Steen will escape the mandatory life sentence that comes with a First degree murder conviction.

Steen could still face up to fifty years in prison, but it will be up to Judge Daniel Wilson to decide his punishment when he sentences Steen on November 30.

Steen trial lasted a week and a half and included emotional testimony from Steen's ex-wife Cathy Clark about the early morning hours of September 24 2010.

It was then that Clark says Steen pushed his way into her home and shot Saner in the back, before fleeing her home in rural Davis County.

Prosecutors said that Steen was jealous of saner and had finally decided to eliminate a romantic rival.

Clark had an on again of again relationship with both men that went back to the 1980's.

The defense argued throughout the trial that law enforcement had simply accepted Clark's version of events and rushed to judge Steen without conducting a complete investigation.Previous story.....