It's been a wacky year for weather this crop season

It has been quite a year so far for Missouri weather and its farmers.

After last year's drought affected many Missouri farmers, many were hoping the weather would cooperate for them this year.

This year so far it has been unpredictable with first a prolonged winter which brought a late spring season and a late planting season.

Then it was too much rain in late May and early June to even plant crops such as soybeans and corn due to extra moisture in the soil.

Now with hardly any rain in the month of July, farmers say their crops are in a critical state and now they need the rain.

"Some people would say it's Missouri. There's no such thing as a normal year. It seems like every year we have some type of challenge wether it being a wet spring or a drought later on, things of that nature and this year we're kind of getting a shot at two different challenges," said Greenley Research Center Superintendent Randall Smoot.

Agriculture officials say that Missouri needs a good rain now within the next week to help give the crops a good soaking. Good news is that there is rain expected in the forecast Friday.