It's Motorcycle Safety Month in Missouri

For the Missouri State Highway Patrol, May is Motorcycle Safety Month in the state.

With the warmer weather and better road conditions, more people will now be wanting to take their motorcycles out for a spin.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol wants to remind motorcyclists to be responsible on the roads, follow the same laws as other motor vehicles and dress safely, including wearing a helmet and thick clothing.

"If you think about it a motorcycle rider doesn't have as much protection as an operator or passenger of a motor vehicle so any added protection they can use is going to be the best thing," said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Bernhardt also reminds car and truck drivers to actively watch for motorcycles and to share the roads with them. Also, check traffic before changing lanes to make sure a motorcycle is not passing you and make sure you have a good distance between your vehicle and the motorcycle, especially when stopping.