Itâ??s not everyday you see a totem pole in the heartland

The Novotenyâ??s totem pole.

What makes your home stand out from others? One local family can definitely say theirs stands out from the rest and it's what's in their yard. Driving down Shepherd Avenue in Kirksville everything looks normal; until you get to one house. The Novotenyâ??s have a totem pole in their yard.

Janet Novoteny said after storm damaged four of her Cedar trees they decided to have a totem pole made out of what was left. â??We just thought it was neat,â?? Novoteny said. â??It was a different kind of thing for this area and we need good spirits in Kirksville.â??

Novoteny said the totem pole was finished last week and it took a man three days to build it. She said he used a chainsaw to do so. Novoteny said they've been getting a lot of positive comments about their totem pole.